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08 November 2013 @ 01:51 am
Black Butler 2  
well i ended up seeing most of it now. I had heard bad things about it like Ceil still being alive and the kind of stuff that makes the end of the first season seem like crap. I am guessing people did not watch past like the first two episodes cause HOLY SHIT! OMFG! best shit ever. a GREAT REASON as to why Ceil was not demon chow. and it had nothing to do with Sebastian deciding to be nice either. and then a cosmic FUCK YOU! of great and epic proportions. All kinds of things that make you go BUT BUT BUT... THAT SHOULD NOT BE! are all tied up nicely. and then it gets surreal. mostly odd shit for the rest of the season such as right now i am watching Ceil in wonderland which is just insane. it is like someone decided that Alice in Wonderland was not fucked up enough so dropped some anime acid on it. SPOILER that makes it worth watching. Grell is the Cheshire cat. I do so love Grell