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17 March 2014 @ 07:25 am
Hmmm. the walls are slick again. i guess that means that he is back again. the walls always get runny when he comes back. it is ruining my art.

i see him out of the corner of my eye. like always. a shape that is not a shape. and less something there and more something that is not. Like an ill defined hole in space. though of course this is absurd. He is not a hole in space. Quite the opposite in fact. his presence has a great gravity to it, waves of it alter the near by things. I think my fish are growing legs. i really wish he would just send an e-mail at times. but here he is. As it is most mortals would have lost all sanity by this point but i by some artifact of my ancestry just sort of accept it. i can feel the fear screaming in my lizard brain. this utter terror so deep it screams out from my very DNA. yet somehow it is background noise. So he comes. So i shall receive some new message or insight that means nothing anymore. it is not like the things he serves even know what the fuck they are doing. they like most beings of their natures live only in the moment. Even Cthulhu decided to just leave the planet when he rose. Countless years of plotting his return and something shiny in space caught his eye and off he went. he may return but i doubt it. So yeah.

He approaches me in his normal fashion. moving without moving. like those stupid angels people keep talking about in that Professor whothefuckever TV show. Moments like this are why i think Reality TV is so popular. who needs Sci Fi when Extradimensional beings of Unthinkable Power pour themselves into little mortal like phantasms like tea and come to chat. how much more sublime and surreal normal is when you live like this. The little gods in my plants are hiding now. but they know i will not let him touch them. not after that one time. he can be such an asshole

His robes Billow about him with apocalyptic drama and need. his eyes are galaxies spinning in the void of his form. the world grows cold in a way that cannot be described by science.. yet. the light takes on an unearthly glow and taint. kinda like what Frodo saw in those lord of the rings movies but with more disco. He voice but only a whisper Bellows in my head. Gods what a drama queen. and that look is so damn 2018. i barely listen to his Great Cosmic Blaspheming Wisdom. Instead i wonder what is on Netflix. did they ever get the last episodes Honey booboo... Finally he stops his Billowing and Bellowing and sits down. it must be habit that he does that. Annoying it is what it is. the gravity and reality settles back to "normal". sigh... my fish did indeed all get legs. little human legs. and now they are not so great at swimming. and i think i am all out of Elixir of Jade to fix it...

So he hands me an ancient scroll. scrawled upon it are symbols in languages that were long dead before humans were a twinkle in some Alien's perverted mind. however the images on the page need no translations. Ah i do so love Yithian Porn. this one however is kinda gross. I guess it is true that there is nothing new under the sun. Two Yith One drinking horn.... I stare blankly into the void of his being. I would hit him with the scroll but it would just end up falling into some far fetched stellar void never to be seen again. and hell i can get some decent money for it on Etsy.

I make some pizza rolls and sit back for some new reality show based on the life and times of a bakery that specializes in strippers in a cake. He seems amused. Ah life.
Rainy with a Chance of Mudslides...: kantarou1randomdiversion on March 20th, 2014 12:57 am (UTC)
Channeling your inner Lovecraft today?

Not sure if this is a story or how your life seems to you at the moment, but it makes for great reading.
Akira Shima: Eyeakirashima on March 20th, 2014 10:12 am (UTC)
just me brushing off my writing skills since my arm is still to injured to do much art. been over a year since i injured it. and the house looks just amazingly crappy after more than a year of barely able to do much since my left arm was already kinda crappy from ripping the muscles in it way back.