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E-book of mirror shards

stroke the jagged edge

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Akira Shima
26 January
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Hello I am Akira I am many things as you will learn I am A reverend of the Universalist Life Church and a Toaist Shaman to boot I am also Gay and a fur
I have been strange from birth and tend to see the world in some very differnt ways which i am sure i will end up writing about in my journal
I will list my interest (and there are many ) later
I hope to entetain inspire and just maybe make you think in this


Other intersts
Magnets, Magnetic stuff, Weird science, Cryptozoology, entemology, etemology, World Building (more like you do with a novel than with a game), Theoretical evolution, Synergistic theroy and practice, Alternate dimensions, Cephilipods, Undersea Invertabrates, Illuminati, Conspiracy theroy, homosexual things, online comics, Sluggy freelance, Sexy Losers, PUTF, Gay art, Cobalt blue glass, Dragonflies,

Tarot Cards
Major Arcana
Tibetian Prayer Wheel spinning away into eternity
Divinatory Meanings: The eternal wheel Speaks of Continuing cycles of life and reality. In this position it bespeaks that the natural order continues unabaited and the wheel moves as it should. All things planted will come to fruition as they were tended.
Reversed: In this position The wheel is out of balance and shakes the world with it. Things happen out of order and the pathes will be threatened. Drastic action may be needed to grease the wheel and return it to the balance it should have. Danger ahead
Celestial Beauracracy : this is the catagory of those which govern the wheels of the planes. The wheel is beyond even the Celestial Emporer and spins as it will. through times of balance and unbalance it spins.

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3e d&d, aboriginal cultures, ad&d, air, alchemy, alternative energy, alternative medicine, ancient technology, animals, animation, anime, anthroherps, anthropomorphics, art, art history, artists, artwork, astrology, astronomy, being creative, bluefeather, book of shadows, books, camping, candle making, candles, cats, cave paintings, chaos, cheese, china, chinese alchemy, comic books, cooking, costumes, crafts, crystals, cthulhu mythos, culture, d&d, daggers, demons, dice, discordianism, divination, dragons, drawing, dreams, dungeons and dragons, earthships, environmental issues, erisian, erotica, faeries, fantasy, fantasy art, feline, fengshui, final fantasy, fleetwood mac, fortean things, fortune telling, friends, fur, furries, furry, furry art, furry artists, furry artwork, gaia, gaming, garage sales, garb, gemology, goddesses, gods, h.p. lovecraft, haiku, herbalism, herps, hieroglyphics, i ching, interior decorating, inventing, invertabrates, japanese, jewlery, kittens, learning, legends, love, magick, magik, making things, martial arts, meditation, minerals, monsters, movies, mp3s, music, mythical creatures, mythology, nature, occult, oddities, orient, other languages, paganism, pennsic, philosophy, photography, plants, playstation, reading, religion, reptiles, roleplaying, rpg's, runes, sca, sci-fi, science fiction, sea slugs, shamanism, spiritual, spiritual nature, survival, sushi, swiming, swimming, sword fighting, swords, taoism, tarot, techno, tessei, thought, totem spirits, vampires, vcl, walking (when i can), weapons, weirdness, wicca, witchcraft, world domination, x-men, yiff, yiffy art

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